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NBA Free Agency. Man what a time…………..Every time one of the marquee players is on the move a whirlwind of emotion sweeps across the basketball world. This summer, we’ve been taken for a ride on the “KD-Coaster”. It’s taken us for many loops and turns before stopping in the Bay Area. Apparently most didn’t enjoy the ride.

I’m not about to tell you how to feel about his decision because frankly, I don’t care. But there are a few things you have to understand before you decide to burn your jerseys or rush to social media to fling insults his way. First, Kevin Durant doesn’t care about you. I know this is hard to come to grips with. Especially after you stayed up all night to come up with the funniest meme you could think of (should have just got that sleep homeboy). If he cared about what you people thought he would be playing for the Wizards right now. Now how stupid would that be? Do you consult KD when you are about to find a new home? Change jobs? No? Didn’t think so. So please explain why you think he should listen to you?

That’s the common sense piece of it. Now for the professional aspect. This was the best move for Durant at this time. He put himself in the best position to win a championship. Sign a two year deal with a player’s option in the 2nd year. Things don’t work out, they don’t win, he doesn’t like playing there, he bounces and gets $200 mil. Best case scenario, they run off back to back championships, builds his legacy and after two years he STILL gets $200 mil, whether it be from Golden State or some other team. For all the naysayers of his move show of hands, how many of you were ready to applaud him for loyalty if he stayed in OKC and didn’t win? No one? Oh, not surprising. Now show of hands, how many of you would have tirelessly supported him for coming home and playing for the Wizards while they lost in the second round of the playoffs? Still no one? Interesting. We endlessly trash players for not winning championships. A guy makes a move to put himself in a position to win a championship and he’s the worst person walking the face of the Earth. You people are something else. How dare he spend two years of his prime legitimately competing for a title while lessening his offensive burden and potentially prolonging his career. HOW DARE HE!!!!!! Also something else that’s getting lost in all this, we’re just going to ignore that the Warriors have been begging KD to come there for years? Yep, the team that won 67 games, had the MVP and won the championship, then won 73 games, had the first ever unanimous MVP and went to the finals actively recruited arguably the best player in the league to come play for them. Why don’t y’all consider this cowardly? Maybe because it’s not and it just makes perfect sense. How about this, the next time you’re offered a better position and a promotion at work with better materials tell your boss “I WILL NOT!!!!! Let me stay where I am and earn this check the hard way!!! I AIN’T NO COWARD!!!!!”

The bottom line is the man made a personal decision. I don’t care if he went to the D League. That’s his choice. Y’all want to have everything your way but you not on these people’s radar. For YEARS, I’ve heard “KD and Westbrook will never win a ring together” but now you’re angry and calling him a coward for playing with another team lol? I really don’t understand you guys’ train of thought. Read this out loud to see how stupid you sound. “Hey KD, you’re not as good as advertised because you don’t have a ring. Why don’t you stay where you are and try to win a ring with the guy we said you could never win a ring with. Or even better, go to this team who doesn’t have the talent to compete for a championship. We’ll still dog you either way but we just want you to lose our way.” Sounds pretty dumb right? Yeah I’m pretty sure KD thinks so too.

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