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Hey folks, thank you for visiting my world. Take your shoes off, put your coat down, get comfortable and stay a while. Some of you are dropping by for the first time and some of you may be coming back for seconds. I started this website in 2012 and it was non-operational for a while but it’s back and better than ever!!!!! Pretty much what happens here is we talk about sports (and by sports I mean basketball. I focus on other things too but let’s be real, basketball is king lol). This is not a lecture. Feel free to offer your thoughts and opinions as well. The only requirement to comment on this page is that you are respectful at all times. If you can handle that then I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

This isn’t your typical sports commentary or games recaps or anything like that. I’m kinda unorthodox with my topics but it’s going to be entertaining, I can promise you that. If you want box scores and highlights there’s a nifty little website called ESPN.com for that. They do a pretty decent job over there I hear. But if you want to engage in in some great conversations about sports (again I’m really talking about basketball) then this is the place for you. Thanks for coming to my website and I hope you enjoy what you see!

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