Oscar De La Hoya Says He’s Seriously Considering Running For President in 2020

Oscar De La HoyaThe Golden Boy CEO turned some heads recently when he expressed that he was “seriously considering” running for the highest office in the land in the next election year. Drawing inspiration from Kanye West, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and others who have teased with the idea of throwing their hats into the presidential ring, Oscar says he’s already formed an exploratory team to gauge his prospects for a successful campaign. Though he has not declared any political affiliation, De La Hoya recently offered his opinion on the “Nike-Kaepernick-Anthem” situation in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

A few years ago, I would have called De La Hoya crazy and said something like, “Why would a boxer think he can run for president?”. But with the circus that’s come to Washington recently, I’ll never sneer at another announcement of this nature again. Flip the page to see Oscar talking with TMZ about his presidential aspirations.

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