Steelers Preparing for Life Without Le’Veon Bell Remove him from Week 2 Depth Chart

Leveon BellIf you picked up Le’Veon Bell on your fantasy team either you are blindly optimistic or incredibly stupid. Either way, you’d better start looking for a replacement because it appears that this soap opera between Bell and the Steelers won’t be ending anytime soon. Bell did not play in week 1, forfeiting his game check of roughly $855,000 due to not signing his franchise tag, and has been completely removed from the depth chart for the Steelers’ week 2 matchup against Kansas City.

It doesn’t look like Pittsburgh missed Bell much in the season opener as James Conner racked up 192 all purpose yards and added two touchdowns. But who’s to say if he can keep up that production, which has become commonplace for Bell, the whole season. Only time will tell. But between Bell’s reluctance to bend and the public scolding he’s received from teammates, I don’t think we are going to see an end to this anytime soon. Flip the page to see Bell going to work in better times.

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