Saints Players Cam Jordan and Terron Armstead Take a Stand Against Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn’s Nike Ban

Cam JordanCam Jordan and Terron Armstead took time out of their Monday evening to attend a rally at Susan Park Playground to show support to locals who were protesting the Nike ban put in place by Mayor Ben Zahn after the Nike-Kaepernick campaign. Zahn issued a ban prohibiting clubs using city facilities from buying or using Nike products. The citizens of Kenner came out in numbers to show their disapproval. Jordan and Armstead were among the protesters. They expressed their displeasure with the policy.

Zahn claims the policy was made to ensure that taxpayer dollars weren’t being used in a political campaign. However it could be in violation of Kenner’s free speech protections. The recent Nike ads have invoked a wide range of responses from across the nation, some having exposed people’s true nature. It’s good to see pro athletes and other notable figures showing their support for the inclusion efforts of Nike and encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in.

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