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Some players are ahead of their time. Sometimes the game changes and we look back at a how a guy played the game and it just feels like they were born too early. Let’s talk about some guys form the past who would flourish in today’s NBA. It’s only right that we start with my favorite position, the Point Guard. Today, the game is dominated by point guards who can flat out score the ball. These guys are exciting, they break their man down, they shoot the lights out and are the best players on the floor. Let’s take a look at some players who were really good and would be even better today…………..

1. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf/Mark Price








When I watch Steph Curry do Steph Curry things two players come to mind, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (Chris Jackson) and Mark Price. These guys laid the blueprint for Curry. Pure shooters off the dribble, deadly using the pick and roll, crafty around the basket, great handle and efficient scorers. I’m sure they foam at the mouth thinking about the possibilities if they would have played in this era. This is a shooter friendly NBA and they are two of the best to ever do it. Steph added a little range though lol.

2. Nick Van Exel









Nick the Quick would definitely prosper in today’s NBA. One of the more exciting players of his era, he would love this up and down style. Imagine Van Exel playing with the freedom of Westbrook or Harden? Although I’m sure he didn’t mind having the luxury of playing with Shaq, for purely selfish reasons I would love to see him teleported to current times and watch him operate in this gunslinger dominated league.

3. Baron Davis









One of the filthiest, flashiest, nastiest point guards to ever play. I feel like any situation that would allow him to routinely take his man one on one would be an advantage for him. He can beat you from the outside or he can blow by you if he wants. And when he blows by you, please believe he’s getting to the rim to finish with authority. He’s like Westbrook with a little more finesse and better skill set. We all know the damage Westbrook does. If you’re trying to picture B Diddy in today’s NBA just imagine that plus a better jumper and handle.

4. Allen Iverson









Man oh man, what I wouldn’t give to see A.I. in his prime playing right now. With the element of physicality basically removed from the game, it has become a scorer’s paradise. And A.I. scored better than anyone. With the way he attacked the basket and created contact, he would live at the free throw line. Also, good luck trying to guard him without touching him and beating him up. Actually, good luck trying to guard him while touching him and beating him up lol.

5. Rod Strickland









He’d fit in today like a duck in water. I mean let’s be honest, some of the best PG’s in recent years benefited from his tutelage. John Wall, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving wouldn’t be who they are without him. But back to his game, Rod used to dice people up, get to the basket and finish (mighty craftily if I say so myself) or dime one of his teammates. Other players drive and kick out of desperation and getting stuck. His craftiness was on a totally different level. Every movement was purposeful. One of the most underrated players ever. His skill set and what he brought to the table would make him just as good as anyone playing right now.

Some people just come around at the wrong time. In their day, they said most of these dudes were playing streetball. They would be superstars today. Everything happens for a reason though. But I know as soon as time travel is invented, I’m going back to grab these guys in their heyday lol.

SN: Kenny Anderson, Tim Hardaway and Kevin Johnson would have also killed in the league today. I’m sure there are plenty more names that can be thrown into the mix. These are just the first guys that came to mind on the subject. 

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