“First the Fat Boys break up……..” – Shawn Corey Carter, Psychic

PicsArt_07-26-02.51.50Not sure if you’ve heard or not, there’s some personnel changes pending on the professional basketball team in Cleveland, Ohio. It looks like the franchise is on the brink of returning to the cellar of the NBA. Kyrie wants to leave. LeBron is going to leave (presumably). And they’re dealing with all of this without a GM. Woeful times right? Wrong. This is the best of times for the Cavs. Let me tell you why……………….

I know, I know, you think I’m crazy. How could any of this possibly be a good thing for Cleveland? Hear me out. They will undoubtedly get valuable pieces in return for Kyrie. This way after next season, they will be in more of a restructuring mode instead of a full scale rebuild. Don’t get me wrong, if LeBron James leaves your team your are in a far worse place afterwards. But the fall will not be nearly as steep with a respectable roster being left behind. Then with the departure of their two superstars being staggered, it allows some time and preparation for what’s to come. It’s bad but the night usually is darkest before the dawn.

Now here is where we are going to fundamentally disagree. Some of you are even going to be tempted to call me names (hahahahahaha). But I’m going to just come out and say it, LeBron leaving next year (presumably) is not a subject of sorrow for the Cavs. I think they welcome it. Now it’s going to hurt, no question about that. But I’m sure they’d like to abandon this monarchy and if they have to lose one of the best basketball players on the planet to do so then well……………Since LeBron’s been back his reign over ‘The Land” has been semi-tyrannical. Surely the people who are paid to run the franchise will welcome the opportunity to do so on their own terms again. It can’t be fun to operate under the restrictions of one of your players. And speaking of players, I’m sure the ones on the Cavs would love to get back to business as usual. While it’s paired with a lot of praise, there is some hidden criticism in regards to playing with James. The “stand and watch” game they are reduced to isn’t exactly the ideal system for many of his teammates.

So there you have it. Cavs fans, no need to burn jerseys. No need to bombard these guys’ social media accounts with vitriol and insults. They’re actually doing you a favor.


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