Ahead Of The Curve Pt. 2

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“Back to the lecture at hand……….” Time for part two of the “old guys who would do damage in the league today” series. Gonna focus on SG’s today. Let’s take a look at some versatile guys who would thrive in today’s NBA.

PicsArt_09-02-10.02.311. Mitch Richmond

It would be fitting that a former Warrior be on the list seeing as how the current edition of the Golden State Warriors is the class of the league. Rock was a prolific scorer, a great defender and could succeed in run and gun style of offense or a half court system. But let’s just point out the obvious, the NBA is dominated by small ball and Mitch played for the creator of it. Run TMC used to wreak havoc on teams and he was right there in the midst of the carnage.



sprewell2-012. Latrell Sprewell

I know he split time between SF and SG but at 6’5″, i feel like he’d spend most of his time at the 2. Seems to be a theme of Warriors alumni here. Go figure. But anyway, Latrell was an animal. He played with high energy and ferocity. He was a terror, hard to guard and had a relentless motor. He had a decent mid-range game and could finish at the basket with the best of them. And I mean at the end of the day if any opponent tried to stop him, he’d probably hurt you. He choked his own coach for God’s sake.



PicsArt_09-02-09.47.343. Eddie Jones

“Steady Eddie” was the quintessential do it all guy. Could pass, score, shoot, handle the ball, defend, rebound, whatever you needed. Extra long arms and above average athleticism helped him become a nightmare on defense. He would definitely be a dominant wing player in today’s league. A lot of the current successful guys at his position were created in his image.


petrovic_180_1991-014. Drazen Petrovic

One word: Flamethrower. Petro was one of the greatest shooters ever and he could get it off against anyone. Again, with the game being more 3 pt oriented today it would allow players like him to be extremely successful. He could also put the ball on the floor and get to the midrange area to score. He was just starting to come on his last two seasons with the Nets before his sudden passing so we never got to see him at his best but I can only imagine the damage he’s do today with a unlimited green light.



PicsArt_09-01-10.15.235. George Gervin

As smooth a scorer as the league has ever seen. He made it look effortless. He started this “Jelly Fam” sh*t, you mean to tell me this the thanks he get?????!!!!???? All jokes aside, he was definitely before his time in regards to scoring the basketball and I definitely think he would have a field day in this scorer’s friendly league.


SN: Usually this is the section where I give you the honorable mentions but I’m going to take this opportunity to say this: All of you people who think MJ wouldn’t be as dominant in the NBA today have to stop using drugs. 

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