WNBA President Lisa Borders Steps Down at a Pivotal Time in the League’s History

Lisa BordersLisa Borders, who has been president of the WNBA since 2016, announced that she will be stepping down effective November 1st. She has accepted the position of President and CEO of Time’s Up, which is an organization that focuses on equal opportunity and protection of women’s rights. It is weird timing for such a shake up at the highest executive level of the league as former COO Ann Rodriquez stepped down in September. But while it would look as if this is a dysfunctional period for the WNBA, Borders guarantees stability even amidst all the changes. She reaffirmed this in a conversation with Doug Feinberg.

Borders definitely left her mark on the league in her short tenure as President. The WNBA is enjoying it’s highest ratings in four years and this summer Puma signed an endorsement deal for league wide  footwear sponsorship. Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins-Smith, one of the league’s most recognizable faces, is spear heading that charge as a collaborator and ambassador for the brand. This is the first deal of it’s kind by the lifestyle company after announcing earlier this year that they would be reentering the basketball arena. The brand famously endorsed Walt “Clyde” Frazier during his NBA days. She also created more visibility for the league. The WNBA is now featured on NBA Live, the flagship basketball game for EA Sports.

Also on Borders’ watch, the WNBA has entered a phase of growth and expansion not seen since it’s inception. The conversation of pay increase has been extremely prevalent in recent months and the league has garnered unwavering support from many NBA players in this regard. The WNBA is definitely poised to make some big strides and Borders does not believe her departure will affect this in any way. The current CBA is set to be revised in November and I’m sure the momentum that Borders and her team has created will help continue to steer the league in the right direction. Lisa Borders will definitely be missed in the WNBA community but I wouldn’t doubt that she will continue to work with the league in her new role.

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