“We On Award Tour…………Again”

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SoooooooPicsArt_04-11-11.00.20 yeah, about this. Before the season started, I gave my predictions for the individual awards. After things have played out over the last 70+ games, I’ve realized that I have no idea what I’m talking about lol. I’m going to share my original picks and then give my thoughts on who should win now that we have a (nearly) complete body of work.

MVP: Preseason pick – Russell Westbrook, Now – Russell Westbrook

Looks like this is the only one I got right.

MIP: Preseason pick – Kristpas Porzingis, Now – Devin Booker

For some reason, I was blindly optimistic about the Knicks this year. Kristaps wasn’t bad by any stretch but the Knicks were so horrible it doesn’t matter. Devin Booker has become one of the most exciting young players in our league. And that 70 pt masterpiece really put a stamp on his season. What sophomore slump???!!!???

Sixth Man of the Year: Preseason pick – Jamal Crawford, Now – Eric Gordon

I really didn’t give this much thought. If it’s gonna be a blind crapshoot, Crawford is a safe bet lol. Eric Gordon has been solid off the bench for a good Houston team. Pretty much has resurrected his career.

Coach of the Year: Preseason pick – Tom Thibodeau, Now – Brad Stevens

I was excited about Minnesota. They looked promising and I expected them to make the playoffs. They’re about 10 games out of the 8th seed. They couldn’t finish close games. The Celtics on the other hand…………..they are battling for first place. Isaiah Thomas is going to get some MVP votes and they are looking like the biggest threat to the Cavs.

Defensive Player of the Year: Preseason pick – Avery Bradley, Now – Kawhi Leonard

Bradley really gets after it on the defensive end but we talkin about Kawhi man.

Rookie of the Year: Preseason pick – Buddy Hield, Now – Dario Saric

This was just stupid. I saw Hield struggle in summer league. I made every excuse in the world to convince myself that he would adjust. The Pelicans backcourt was depleted with injuries to start the season so I figured with the opportunity to play a lot of minutes out the gate would give him a chance to get into a groove. I was wrong. Saric has played well for Philly. That team is a dumpster fire but they have actually been exciting at times this year.

Well there you have it. As you can see, I’m wrong a lot. I hope you guys picks were better than mine.

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