“I hate you Steph Curry.”

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AlrightPicsArt_04-09-08.58.43, alright I don’t hate Steph Curry. I just hate all the people who try to play like him that haven’t put in the work he has. This goes for any superstar. Don’t try to emulate the elite players. They are not good examples. They are elite and separated from the pack for a reason. If your goal is to be as good as the top 1% of the top 1% of basketball players in the entire world then either you are extremely confident to the point of naiveness or just flat out delusional. Either way……….it’s bad.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t everyone want to be like the best?”. Yes, they absolutely should. But come on here buddy let’s just be honest, you’re never gonna be that good. If you go into the gym everyday saying “I’m going to be as good as MJ” then you are setting yourself up for some disappointment. You should be saying “I’m going to work as hard as MJ”. (still not gonna do that either but I digress lol). Your focus should be to work as hard as you can and become the best player you can be. Only one player has ever come close to touching the hem of MJ’s garment. The odds are not in your favor.

Listen you can shoot as many jumpers as you want, you’re not gonna shoot like Steph. That dude is a demigod. His mom was impregnated by the Greek god of shooting threes. That’s a gift from Mt. Olympus that you do not have privy to. Just get in the gym, work on your jumper, make sure you are comfortable and have consistent form. That’s not gonna get you on Steph’s level but I promise you’ll still be a pretty good shooter.

These players are special and their mastery of fundamentals afford them the luxury of building upon that and eventually doing something superhuman. And let’s just be real, they are blessed with some unnatural abilities. It’s encoded in their DNA to be way more awesome than other humans at certain things. Your barometer shouldn’t be the upper echelon players. This leads to misguided practice time. People want to do acrobatic finishes like MJ but can’t even do a finger roll with their off hand; want to have half court range like Steph but can’t even make consistent shots from right up on the 3 pt line. You have to start from the bottom and not the summit.

I know it’s sexy and entertaining when those guys do it but trust me, nobody wants to see 17 airballs from a 13 yr old chucking from deep just to see one go in all net. Well based on what I’ve been seeing dealing with youth basketball it appears that they do. And maybe therein lies the problem…………………..

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