Top Ten Fictional Basketball Players

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When you’re sitting there watching a basketball movie, I know some of you are thinking about fantasy matchups between some hoopers from different movies. But all silver screen shooters aren’t created equal. Let’s see who the ten best players are throughout Tinseltown.

  1. Billy Hoyle (White Men Can’t Jump)

Billy Hoyle








Knockdown shooter, excellent passer, elite trash talker, street smart hustler. He had to sit there and suffer Sidney Deane travel all over the place every game too. But let’s be honest, he makes the list just off the strength of being with Rosie Perez.

  1. Lewis Scott (Celtic Pride)

Lewis Scott






My man had all around game. Midrange, trey ball, finished around the basket, gave you everything you wanted. And he gave us the first glimpse of what would happen if a pro played one of these sh*t talking fans 1 on 1. Gave Daniel Stern the business lol. He also had the meanest shoe game and won a Finals Game 7 on the road. C’mon man. Gotta give him his props.

  1. Saleh (The Air Up There)







Slasher with incredible wingspan. Versatile defender. Above average athleticism. And he did all that before he got a decent pair of sneakers.

  1. Ricky Roe (Blue Chips)

Ricky Roe








Best jumper in the history of movie basketball players. Good rebounder, great out the pick and roll. Dude had squabbles too. Ran right up in the coaches meeting and said “Where the cash at?” hahahahahaha.

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