Women’s Basketball Doesn’t Need Your Consent to be Awesome









Ya know, one of my biggest pet peeves in regards to basketball discussions is the active and deliberate degradation of the women’s game. It’s ridiculous and needs to stop immediately. I have no idea how this foolishness started. It’s actually reflective of a lot of society’s ills but that’s a conversation for another day. Right now, let’s just stick to hoops………………..

Perhaps the funniest part about all this is whenever someone bashes women’s basketball this phrase isn’t too far behind, “I don’t even watch it.” Huh? How can you possibly give an unbiased, objective critique of something you don’t even watch? Some people are being willfully ignorant. Congratulations. Some people are trying to be funny. You’re not. And some are just perpetuating stupidity. Either way, when you demean female hoopers you’re actually showing how much you DON’T know about basketball. If we’re being perfectly honest, the women’s game is basketball in its purest form. The fundamentals, discipline, focus and passion they play the game with as a whole should be honored and respected as opposed to ridiculed. I can always spot the casual fans by the following statement, “Women’s basketball is boring.” That’s a tell tale sign that you’re really not the aficionado you thought you were.

Besides the fact that women’s hoops is awesome, another reason I can’t understand why it’s not universally embraced is it’s an untapped well and could be an extremely lucrative venture. If someone decides to actively market it, they will make a fortune. If you ask most young girls that play ball who their favorite player is I’m sure most will name a NBA player. Why not put some of these extremely talented ladies at the forefront? There is a huge conversation right now about the wage gap between NBA and WNBA players. Well how about we market these women, put the same energy into getting them endorsements, which in turn generates more revenue and interest so then we can pay them more money. I know a lot of little lady hoopers that would buy the Air Taurasi’s. A WNBA game packed more than 10,000 people into a NBA arena. Don’t tell me there’s no interest in this league.

I can really tell some people just aren’t paying attention. While some are busy trying to minimize the women’s game something very interesting is happening right in front of their faces. The women are infiltrating the men’s game. Although this is not new, the tide is turning towards it being a permanent thing. Becky Hammon is the head honcho on the sidelines for the Spurs summer league team. Kristi Tolliver spent some time on the Wizards summer league bench earlier this week. You’re a fool if you think we aren’t going to start seeing more and more women on the sidelines in the men’s game. The same women many said were second tier to men will soon be leading and developing their favorite players. Amusing.

There are so many negative stigmas surrounding women’s basketball. I don’t see how anyone can perpetuate them if they truly love the game. The two most skilled high school players I’ve seen the past two years have been on the girl’s side. The best performance in the Final Four took place in Columbus and not San Antonio. It’s safe to say the that anyone who still refuses to acknowledge the contributions of the fairer sex to the game of basketball is delusional.

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