Where Are They Now? – Hollywood Hoops Edition

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20201130_105957I know we’ve all watched a basketball movie and thought about what happened to the characters past the point of filming. I know I’ve always speculated about how certain guys careers would have panned out. I have some ideas about a few of our favorites. Let’s have some fun for a second and explore a little bit……………..

Kyle WatsonKyle Lee Watson – Above The Rim

When we last saw Kyle, he was making a game winning shot to secure the Big East Championship for Georgetown. After spending four years at his dream school, Kyle slipped to the second round of the ’98 Draft. Even though he bounced around the league he managed to play for 10 years and managed to snatch up one big contract. Decent career overall. After retirement, he latched on as a coach. Having spent a lot of years on NBA sidelines, his name is starting to ring out in regards to head coaching vacancies. SalehSaleh Wintambuh – The Air Up There

So Jimmy Dolan gets Saleh to St. Joe’s. He changes the game. Saleh has an amazing year for the Bulls. 6’10” with handles, a jumper, can jump out of the gym and an elite defender. NBA GM’s are salivating over him. He goes #1 in the draft after his freshman season. A player like him was unheard of in 1995. He brings his brother over and gets him into a pickup game with pros and Halawi gets in the league as well. Some injuries caused him to go back home though. Meanwhile, Saleh goes on to have a Hall of Fame career. He retires, moves back to Kenya and becomes instrumental in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program.

Booger SykesColeman “Booger” Sykes – He Got Game

Of course the path is clear for his famous cousin, Jesus Shuttlesworth. Booger has a less glorious but ultimately more fulfilling route. After high school, Sykes plays four years at St. John’s. He goes undrafted and has a low profile career overseas. He returns home to Coney Island and becomes the coach for his alma mater, the world famous Lincoln High School. He also testifies against Big Time Willie, D’Andre Mackey and Dom Pagnotti which breaks a huge corruption case against the NCAA. He is voted Time’s “Man of the Year” and is heralded as the man who cleaned up college basketball.

Jamal Finding ForresterJamal Wallace – Finding Forrester

We all know Wallace purposely smoked those free throws in the state championship game in high school. He seemingly left the game behind but upon learning of William Forrester’s death, his love for the game is rekindled. He finds a way to merge his two passions and becomes the most celebrated sports journalist in the world. Wallace wins a pulitzer for an expose’ he did on the superteam era of the NBA and how it ruined basketball.

EddieEdwina Franklin – Eddie

Had to throw a coach in here. She got the fantasy job of a lifetime after she got to coach the Knicks for half the season. She is an instant legend. Franklin got the Knicks into the playoffs, beat the former coach and stopped the team from being moved. After the season, she is not retained by the Knicks. She then sues the team for wrongful termination and discrimination, is awarded millions and buys the Nets. They then become the premiere team in NY/NJ and win a title before the Knicks. Sweet revenge.

This was fun. Just know if any sequels pop up with these storylines I want my money. In cash.

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