Super Heroes Mash Up Vol. 1

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Let’s have a little fun today. I’m gonna combine two of my favorite things: Basketball and comics. Athletes are often looked at like superheroes so let’s match up some of today’s NBA players with their comic counterparts.









Russell Westbrook – Wolverine

Relentless. Reckless. Not perceived as a “team player”. If you were in a bar fight, you would definitely want him on your side. Seemingly indestructible. One man wrecking crew.









LeBron James – Bane

I’m gonna let y’all figure this one out lol.









Klay Thompson – The Human Torch

He has one job on his team…………set shit on fire. At the drop of a hat, he can set any and everything ablaze. Once he says “FLAME ON” it’s a wrap. Ask the Pacers.









Kawhi Leonard – Batman

Stoic. Has every tool imaginable. Goes about his business with few words or emotions. He even triumphed over Bane (you’ll catch this when you read over for the second time lol). Some might say he’s the best out there.









John Wall – The Flash

What can I say? He’s really, really, really fast.









Jason Kidd – Master Splinter

Wise old sage guiding young, talented group. He was a problem himself in his younger days and he’s probably still more skilled than his pupils.

Not all basketball players are created equal. All superheroes aren’t either. Some use their powers better than others and some never maximize their potential. Some have weaknesses that are easily exploited and some you have to dig a little deeper to find their vulnerable spots. Funny that we just witnessed an NBA Finals that should have been the equivalent of The Avengers vs. The Justice League but ended up being the X – Men vs. The Wonder Twins. Go figure.

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