Shaq is the Latest Former NBA Great to Question the Toughness of this Era

ShaqShaq recently was on The Official Lakers Podcast and had some interesting things to say about how effective he’d be in today’s game. O’Neal didn’t mince words as he said he’d average 50 in this “whine and cry” era.

He stated in the interview that, “If I played today, I’d average 50, without free throws. I’d average 50 because guys don’t play physical. They whine and cry.”

Even though I’m sure the current players would disagree, the Diesel might have a point. The game is not nearly as physical as when he dominated and I’m not sure if anyone would have an answer for a player of his kind. The government needs to let the NBA use that time machine they have stashed under the Pentagon so we can put an end to these Era vs. Era debates once and for all. Go to the next page to see what type of brute force Shaq would unleash on these crybabies.

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