Remember the Time Shaq Got in his Feelings So Bad He Challenged Hakeem to Play 1 on 1 on Pay Per View

Shaq HakeemRoughly 23 yrs ago we almost got the spectacle of a lifetime. The Houston Rockets swept the Orlando Magic in the ’95 Finals and Shaq was displeased to say the least. So displease in fact, he left a letter for Hakeem Olajuwon challenging him to a game of 1 on 1. This thing picked up steam rather quickly as the game was set to be broadcast on Pay Per View. Unfortunately, they were never able to play because Hakeem injured his back lifting weights and had to postpone. The game was never rescheduled.

It sucks that we never got to see that matchup with both of those guys in their primes. Hey at least we got those funny Taco Bell commercials out of it. Go to the next page to see Diesel and The Dream squaring off in the Finals.

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