Random Fan Has Weird Obsession With Damian Lillard Who Finally Replies and Shuts Him Up

Dame Lillard Clap BackA random fan has been chiding Damian Lillard on Twitter for supposedly not being in the gym this summer. Dame finally gave the dude what he wanted and responded and shut that down quickly. “My workouts don’t require a camera crew.” Plain and simple. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would question Lillard. He’s one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA and he gets at your favorite point guards regularly. It’s a weird sentiment anyway. Melo posted his workout vids and everyone said how he wouldn’t do any of that during the season. Come on people, “Is it Oochie Wally Wally or is it One mic?”

I don’t think Dame needs any validation at this point. His work speaks for itself. Flip the pages to see Dame on the job and the series of attention seeking tweets.

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