“One and RUN!!!!!!”

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PicsArt_05-19-02.50.23“He needs to stay in school, get an education and allow his game to develop.”, “He should come back next year and compete for a national championship.” Maybe you should mind your business. Everyone is always trying to convince kids to stay in school for some odd reason. I have one piece of advice as far as that’s concerned………….GET PAID YOUNG N***A, GET PAID!!!!!!!

This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. People always offer their take on what a stranger should do with their lives. Me, I think you should do whatever you want. But if you’re asking me if a kid should stay in school or earn money for playing basketball, I’m telling them to get the money every single time. You can go back and get your degree if you so desire. Those windows to go pro close quickly. I’ve always found it odd that people would say “The NBA gonna be there.” when  it’s literally a better chance of winning the lottery than making the NBA. It’s much easier to get a degree lol. I guess it sounds like the right thing to say. Now I am in no way demeaning or minimizing education and I’m not telling people to recklessly throw their name in the NBA pot (precisely because of the seemingly insurmountable odds of getting there) but if it’s within your grasp then by all means, move *Doc Holliday vc* (if you don’t get it, stop what you’re doing and watch “Tombstone” immediately).

The reason I am so adamant about these kids making the jump is the NCAA is purgatory. You’re busting your ass, playing a hectic schedule, risking your career every game and you’re not making one red cent from it while the school rakes in millions. Now if you asked me about this maybe 10-15 years ago my stance wouldn’t be as concrete. These kids used to be in a pretty tough spot. Now with changes to the rules, they are in a place to navigate through this process much better. Once upon a time if you declared for the draft, you had a very short time between the end of the season and the date to withdraw your name before you were stuck. Nowadays, you can actually go through the combine, test those NBA waters, get feedback and still have an opportunity to decide whether to push forward or retreat. It’s a great time to be a NBA prospect. Of course none of this applies to the Lonzo Ball’s of the world. He was a lottery pick as soon as he walked on UCLA’s campus. But for a Hamidou Diallo, this is golden. To be able to see that process up close and get that exposure and STILL have the chance to decide on your next step is invaluable. These kids are in a position to make a much more informed choice than players in the past.

My mind always circles back to one man whenever this is discussed, John Calipari. He is doing what everyone should be doing with their college players, trying their hardest to get them to the NBA. Encouraging kids to stay in school to prepare for the league is foolish. College basketball doesn’t prepare you for the NBA any more than college prepares you for real life. Two totally different worlds. What Calipari does is if he knows you’re a pro, he makes you go pro. No need to sit around Kentucky and risk blowing out your knee. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Strike while the iron’s hot. As soon as your stock is high, pull the trigger. I fully support this.

As long as these kids have the right people around them helping to guide these decisions, I’m all for the jump. Now if it’s your 22 yr old buddies giving you advice then maybe you should seek counsel elsewhere. But otherwise, use the tools at your disposal, ask somebody who’s been there before, prepare your mind and your body for that NBA grind and have at it!!!!

What are your thoughts on players going to the league or staying in school?

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