NBA Players Who Hide Behind Stats are the Pretty Girls With No Personality of the Sports World









I know what you’re thinking, “CHILL!!!! This is a family show!!!!”. But at some point, the truth has to be told. It’s harsh but it is what it is………….

Ok now that I’ve lured you in, this has nothing to do with Beyonce’ (I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now). So what is this about you ask? Let me explain. Let’s say you have Beyonce’, gorgeous, popular, talented, everybody loves her (well most people) but time comes to do the deed and it’s extremely lackluster. No passion, awkward, just not an enjoyable experience at all. Now compare that to a woman who may not be as attractive and have all of Queen Bey’s superlatives but she’s “experienced”. Now let me ask you this based on the information provided, who is better at having sex? Exactly. I know that analogy may seem wayward and crass but I have a point I promise you. Now use this ideology in regards to basketball. You have Player A, popular player, has made First team All NBA almost every year in the league, perennial All Star, First team All Defense, all that. But this player’s off hand sucks, misses open jumpers, doesn’t hustle, poor footwork, etc. Now let’s look at Player B. Not as popular and decorated however, skill level is better in every aspect of the game, knockdown shooter, lockdown defender, great passer, makes winning plays, great teammate. Now let me ask this question: Who is a better basketball player? Don’t let pride get in the way of answering this question truthfully.

Sometimes a pretty package has lame contents. It happens. If a player has a bunch of highlights and pretty stats but doesn’t do much to elevate his team then what does that tell you? We put too much stock in these unsubstantiated accolades. We have to trust our own eyes more. Very rarely does actual basketball determine who is the better player in many people’s eyes. People generally look to numbers that are void of context or rely on some awards given out with no merit. MVP, All NBA, All NBA Defensive team, Rookie of the Year, every award you can think of is basically a popularity contest. If you don’t believe me, look at the qualifications for those honors. You won’t find any game specific criteria I can assure you of that. Some players are like the pretty girl that’s been getting by on her looks and becomes a lazy housewife. You want some arm candy or a valuable significant other?

Don’t be fooled by an attractive appearance. Things can be beautiful on the surface and rotten underneath. We have to start really digging in and truly seeing these players for what they are. Stop being misled and tricked. And stop refusing to acknowledge something’s worth because of how it looks. Just because a guy doesn’t have a signature shoe or any endorsements, don’t let that stop you from appreciating their skill set, IQ and leadership. Don’t let their name not being at the top of the MVP ballot dissuade you from believing they are a phenomenal player. Because the truth is if you get caught up in the glitz and glamour, you’ll end up pursuing and valuing the wrong things. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll get her in the bedroom and come to the grim realization that Beyonce’ can’t f*ck…………….

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