Kevin Durant Doesn’t Care What You Think

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Kevin Durant





“I know what I bring to the game. I know how I approach the game, how hard I work, how much I care. That’s the stuff I try to focus on more than anything is just being a professional basketball player and doing stuff for me and the team. I pride myself on that and everything else is just noise.”

There has been a lot of criticism hurled KD’s way since July 4th, 2016. It’s time to stop. He doesn’t care. And to be quite frank, it’s not helping your favorite player beat him. I mean I get it. One of the best players in the league going to the best team in the league in their prime while simultaneously neutralizing one of their biggest threats? Doesn’t really do much to promote balance and competition throughout the league. But guess what, that is not indicative of his competitive nature or drive to be the best as many of you have so viciously attacked over the years.

I just want you to make up your minds. You told him to leave Westbrook because he shot too much and was selfish and holding KD back. He did that and you complained. You said that he should go to a better team and get out of OKC because they traded Harden and wasn’t putting him in the best position to win. He did that and you complained. You criticized him for not winning a championship. He did that and you complained. Someone explain to me what it is that you people want. He did everything you asked and he still got ridiculed and verbally slaughtered in the court of public opinion. His greatness was constantly questioned because he did not have a championship. He did what would put him in the best position to win said championships. Not only did he win them, he was the driving force behind them. Say what you will but KD didn’t go to Golden State to ride anyone’s coattails.

This dude raised his game on every level. He became a great defender, even more potent offensively (didn’t even know that was possible) and found a mean streak that most of the great ones possess. They recruited this guy for three years for a reason. Let’s stop acting like he was crying for help. Also, the simple fact that he went to a team you didn’t approve of you decided to cry about it says way more about you than it will ever say about him. Are you really mad or are you intimidated?

It’s time to get over it. He’s in Golden State until he’s not. They’re the champs until they ain’t. The memes and the snake jokes won’t change any of this. Tell your favorite player to get better. Do I agree with the move? That really doesn’t matter. What matters is he stepped up when it mattered the most. If he would have lost, I know the slander would have been on cosmic levels. He won and the slander came anyway. I guess he’s using those two Finals MVP trophies to cover his ears so he doesn’t have to listen to the nonsense.

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