“If I Ruled the World” – Nas

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EveryPicsArt_02-20-01.51.06 hoops fan has things they want to change about the league. I’m about to make my own dreams come true. I’m making myself commissioner for the day. I’m changing EVERYTHING. The NBA will never be the same. So buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. It’s gonna get a little hectic.

First things first, let’s fix All Star Weekend. My first order of business………..GET RID OF FAN VOTING!!!!!! I don’t wanna hear anything about “The game is for the fans”. I don’t think there will be any issues garnering fan attraction for the All Star game no matter what the selection process is. At then end of the day, it’s still the best players in the world. Since it’s the greatest pick up game on Earth, we’re gonna treat it like a pickup game. Get the two coaches, let them pick their teams regardless of conference, toss the ball out and let them get busy. Before last year, I would have said axe the dunk contest but Lavine and Gordon restored my faith. Just a few changes I’d make though, the defending champion has to participate the following year. And in cases like this year with Lavine being injured, the fans vote for two people to have a dunk off on Friday night (YAAAAYYYYY for fan voting lol). The winner goes to the big show on Saturday night. Oh yeah, you get one missed dunk and a replacement. THAT’S IT!!! Tired of seeing people try the same dunk 50 times.  Skills Challenge can stay but any violation (traveling, double dribbling, etc.) adds 3 seconds to your time. After all, it’s the SKILLS CHALLENGE. Also, I’d make everyone complete the course using their off hand. We’d see who really is skilled. The Celebrity Game can go. It’s time. Rookie Game can stay, I guess. That’s about all I have for the Mid-February classic. If I think of anything else you’ll be the first to know.

Now for the game in general. How about we go ahead and toss that “One and Done” rule. It’s a monumental waste of everyone’s time. However I do want to keep the college game relevant and loaded with the best talent so I’d work with the NCAA to figure out a way to get these boys paid. College basketball is a billion dollar industry. Surely we can find a way to reasonably break down those funds and kick something substantial back to the athletes. With this new endeavor comes heavy policing though. Perhaps this would also out a dent in under the table recruiting practices (I know, I just laughed out loud too lmaoooooooo). Wishful thinking.

Next up, we’re moving the 3 pt line back. Let’s make it an even 25 ft. Maybe this will cut down on some of the 3 pt heaves we see. I feel like a lot of teams are just chucking up so many ill-advised 3 pt shots. And yep you guessed it, hand checking is back and zone is outta here. It’s the highest level of basketball. Guard your man, help your teammates and get after it. Oh and another thing, the best players on each team have to guard each other for the majority of the game (when it makes sense of course). I’m not tuning in to Warriors/Cavs to watch Iman Shumpert guard KD. One more change for you folks. This is probably the most radical. In the Finals, if you win you keep home court advantage. You want to get a home game? Then win on the other guys court. I’m not trying to hear about traveling. You’ll get a day of travel and a day of rest. I’m pretty sure that would up the intensity levels.

So what do you guys think? Would you watch my league? I know I would lol.

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