Gilbert Arenas Puts up $100k After Nick Young Calls Him Out, Hits 95/100 Shots

ArenasYoungTwo things Gilbert Arenas doesn’t do: miss shots and back down from challenges. Nick Young should have known this from his time as Arenas’ teammate in Washington. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Young from challenging Mr. Hibachi himself, to a shootout. Nick called out Gil saying “name your price” and in true Gilbert Arenas fashion, he showed up at the gym with a bag full of cash. Nick Young didn’t show and it’s probably a good thing that he didn’t. Gilbert casually hit 95/100 shots and went on about his business. The two have been engaged in a lighthearted feud via Instagram for quite some time and we have definitely been entertained.

Both Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young have been no strangers to the public eye. Of course everyone is aware of the famous “Guns in the locker room” incident and Nick gained some notoriety from his relationship and breakup with Iggy Azalea. Hopefully these two will continue with their friendly rivalry. We all need the laughs. Flip the pages to see Nick’s initial challenge and to watch Gilbert respond like a G courtesy of Arenas’ “No Chill Productions”.

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