Billy Joe Saunders in Hot Water with BBBC Over Video Involving Assault (Video)

Billy Joe SaundersBilly Joe Saunders issued an apology for a video that has recently surfaced that finds him on the wrong side of the law. In the video, Saunders offered a drug addict £150 worth of crack to perform a sexual act on his friend and encourages her to punch a civilian who just happened to be walking past. I can’t imagine what would possess Saunders to do this. Nevertheless, the British Boxing Board of Control along with the Nottinghamshire Police Department will be investigating the incident.

The BBBC will hold a hearing next week to determine the next steps. Saunders faces a wide array of sanctions for this incident including fines, suspension and even having his boxing license withdrawn. He is set to defend his title against Demetrius Andrade on Oct. 20th but depending on the outcome of this hearing, that fight could be in jeopardy.

Saunders has somewhat of a history as it pertains to questionable behavior. In 2008, he was briefly suspended during the Olympics for allege lewd behavior towards a woman and in 2017 he posted a photo ridiculing a gender neutral store employee with the caption, “Walking through Meadowhall Sheffield and see this. Confused.” The tweet has of course since been deleted.

We will have to wait and see what the recourse for this recent mishap will be. Usually immature and reckless behavior like this carries consequences. Flip the pages to see Saunders’ 2017 tweet, video and apology for his latest incident.

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