Ahead of the Curve, Pt. 4

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PicsArt_10-01-07.33.10Here we go again……….*DMX vc*. Now I think this group of guys would have the biggest mismatch over their contemporaries than any of the others. If you line these guys up against the PF’s of today, it’s going to be a bloodbath. Enough talk, let’s get down to business.



1. Lamar Odom

If you read the last installment of the series, you knew this was coming. Coaches might experiment with LO at the PG spot in today’s league. But if matched up with other PF’s he’d be trouble. Has every tool imaginable and IQ to match. He’s a certifiable matchup nightmare.

2. Larry Johnson

In this era of small ball, Larry would wreak havoc. Bully ball would be in full effect. He was as athletic as anyone, could run the floor and strong as an ox. If we consider Draymond Green an intimidator then they’d call the police on LJ.

3. Shawn Kemp

His aggression mixed with his athleticism would be a major issue for guys to handle these days just as it was when he played. With defenders not being allowed to be as physical, he would have a field day going to the basket. Also just go ahead and add on about 6-7 ppg from him getting to the line more frequently. I think Kemp would love to be playing today. I mean they actually track dunks now. He’d definitely lead the league.

4. Derrick Coleman

Probably one of the most underrated players at his position in the history of the game. He had every skill imaginable. My man just really didn’t care about basketball all that much lol. But nevertheless, the game was super easy for him. He was fat, out of shape and disinterested and still put up 20 and 10 multiple times. I know one thing though, no one playing today could defend him.

5. Charles Barkley

Now I try to stay away from the All-Time greats to emphasize how impactful the mid-level guys of the past would be today but Barkley needs to be discussed here. An absolute freak. Imagine him getting a rebound, pushing the ball coast to coast and finishing with a monstrous dunk. Barkley was a ferocious competitor and he talked trash just as well as he played the game. He’d be a pit bull in a kennel full of Chihuahuas.

SN: Besides Odom, the guys on this list would simply be too physically imposing. Odom was finesse but his skill level was off the charts. Everyone else would be a bully. Highly skilled bullies though. Also, I left off KG and Rasheed Wallace purposefully. They’d destroy the league today if they were in their primes. Just felt like Kemp, LJ and Derrick Coleman deserved a mention. Often forgotten about guys. 

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