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The Answer to College Basketball’s “The Kids Need to be Paid” Problem Is Simpler Than You Think

For a very long time, I was on the side of fighting for collegiate athletes to be compensated in some way. It’s a grand notion and let’s face it, universities… Read more »

Rod Strickland

Rod Strickland, Allison Feaster to Oversee NBA Professional Path Initiative for Elite Prospects

The NBA continues to improve post-high school conditions for players who want to pursue other avenues besides playing college ball and have enlisted the services of former players to aid in… Read more »

Lavar Ball

Whether You Realize It or Not, Lavar Ball is One of the Most Influential People in Basketball

Granted Lavar Ball has been the quietest he’s been since Lonzo was a junior in high school but make no mistake about it, he’s making as much noise as ever…. Read more »